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“Blind Fish Don’t Talk” is the debut novel which introduces my heroine, Dr. Julia Fairchild. She’s an inquisitive young lady who loves to travel. Her adventures are more than she expects, however, as she seems to fall into mysteries unexpectedly.


Why Blind Fish?

When I visit book clubs, the most common question is “How did you choose your title?” I wanted to have a catchy title that would make potential readers want to check out my book, and was still related to what the book was about. Teenagers point out to me that seeing fish don’t talk either! I still get goosebumps at about chapter 20, even though I have read this book many times in the editing process.

peter yarrow.jpg

Peter Yarrow and PJ

Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame) and I exchanged autographs at the Kalama Harbor McMenamins. I gave him an autographed copy of “Blind Fish Don’t Talk”, and he autographed a copy back to me. He is a delightful man!


Rembrandt Rides a Bike

Julia Fairchild’s next adventure ends up in Amsterdam, after a dance tour in the cities along the Rhine River. She is interested in learning more about art, but discovers more mystery than art in her visits to the museums.

Let me know where you think Julia Fairchild should go next? She loves to travel, you know….

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